Good News Good Planet Schools

Service-Learning Projects

The capstone of the program is a presentation of a final Service-Learning Project
that students design and implement themselves.

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TISA – Taos Integrated School of the Arts | Taos, New Mexico
8th Grade Science

β€œThis kind of project-based learning is about students taking ownership of their work. My kids designed and executed the project from start to finish. The greatest benefit for my class was learning that even though not everything goes as planned, they could figure it out and be proud of what they planned and eventually achieved.”

Gina Gargone – Teacher
Students made healthy snacks for the dogs and cats of the local animal shelter. They found recipes, reached out to local stores to get ingredients donated and went shopping together as a class. They also booked space in a commercial kitchen and were mentored by a local chef that they secured. They had many obstacles in their path, from scheduling mishaps to unexpected cancellations due to snow days and yet they were not deterred, as they ‘owned’ their project and were proud and determined to complete it!
During their day in the kitchen, one of students asked, “Will we be a “Good News Good Planet” story on the radio?” Well, since you asked… yes! That story is now in the rotation on the Pacifica Radio Network and will be played on radio stations across the US.
You can listen to it here

*Note: We hope to record and publish as many Service-Learning Project stories as possible!

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Taos Charter School | Taos, New Mexico
7th Grade

“GNGP Schools is an excellent resource for teaching civic engagement. Students learn about topics that interest them and they truly care for. The project-based learning allows the students to be met at their level of understanding and the hands-on experience is truly motivating for them.”

Scott Tennant – Teacher

The kids beautified their campus by creating β€œwaterways” out of painted rocks.
Because they live in a high desert, the Taos Charter School 7th grade class wanted to add an aesthetic of water to their environment… without utilizing the scarce resource of actual water. If they could do this, they theorized that the β€œwater” would add a calming effect and help the students feel better at school. This SLP was not only very artistic, but it also included a beautiful mindfulness element regarding the mental health of their fellow students. The 7th graders also reached out to the art department for help regarding painting rocks for outdoors and invited students in other grades to help them gather and paint the many rocks needed.

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Taos Academy | Taos, New Mexico
7th & 8th Grade Global Studies

β€œStudents get disheartened over the heaviness of issues in the world. Incorporating Good News Good Planet stories put a positive spin on things and the kids learned that even their small actions could make a positive impact in our local and global communities. They also gained the confidence to ask for what they needed to help get their voices heard.”

Kelci Pike – Teacher
In this class, the students broke up into smaller groups of two to four kids each. They chose very different Service-Learning Projects and created mixed media presentations for their class.
*Note: The following examples feature each SLP completed yet illustrate just a fraction of the presentation in-depth material submitted.
Two students wanted to raise awareness about war and its effect on refugees as well as the rest of the world.

They created a flyer and posted it online in numerous social media spaces. They also printed the poster and distributed it locally to businesses and other public places around town. They found a reputable online donation site and were able to raise money and needed goods for the people of Ukraine.

“This project will have an impact on our local community because it will raise awareness for the war that is currently happening in Ukraine. Our project will have an impact globally because it will allow Ukrainian refugees to receive the resources they need to live in a healthier environment.”


Other groups of students focused on local issues…
“I am going to give clothes to the Taos CAV. (Community Against Violence)
Some kids and their family don’t have enough money to buy clothes, or some families have to choose what’ more important to buy. It’s stressful for kids too, when they feel dirty or they feel like they don’t have what they need, and sometimes they get picked on at school by their classmates or treated differently by their teachers.
This will help students feel healthy and confident and can support parents when they need to spend money on other things such as food and electricity, medicine, or school supplies.”


Food insecurity in Taos was addressed with a presentation on local problems and solutions. The students also a led a successful food drive.


In the next SLP, mental health and its connection to substance abuse was examined alongside treatment options with links provided. They also shared findings on how some prescribed drugs can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

A colorful flyer took the often-taboo subject out of the dark by offering helpful self-inquiry and asked the question “Are You Ok?” with a link to encourage people to ask for help if they think they might need it.


Gun violence is an all too familiar issue for young people today.

These kids not only created a flyer to raise awareness, but also recorded a PSA (Public Service Announcement). They wrote a letter, on school stationary, to a local radio station and shared their message.

You can listen to it here:

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