Use this guide to help you plan, implement, and share your service learning project

How Do I Plan My Service-Learning Project?

Service-learning is relatively easy to initiate in a classroom if you understand the underlying concepts of service-learning and are open to the opportunities that present themselves. There are five steps in the initiation of a successful service-learning unit. These steps include brainstorming, focusing, implementing, evaluation and reflecting.
The Best Service-Learning Programs:

  1. Are bound directly to the academic curriculum.
  2. Meet a real community need.
  3. Provide for structured group reflection time.
  4. Are student-centered.
  5. Engage students in group decision making and problem solving.
  6. Find ways to match the skills and talents of students with the needs of the community.
  7. Provide a wide variety of options for students.
  8. Provide recognition for services rendered.

Designing your Service Learning Project