Good News Good Planet Schools

A Revolutionary Program That Guides Students
to See Themselves as Part of the Solution

Global citizenship is an essential component to education in the 21st century.
GNGP Schools empowers young learners by helping them understand that local problems are
also global problems and their participation in finding solutions will instill the values, attitudes
and behaviors that promote a more peaceful and sustainable world.

This curriculum helps kids to strategize responses to the issues that matter to them
and actively participate in making their own world a better place.
Designed for sixth to twelfth grade Language Arts and Social Studies.

Students learn best when they are personally invested, the learning is relevant to
their community, and they find deep meaning through authentic inquiry-based experiences.

With GNGP Schools, both the teacher and the students will gain a life-long understanding of just
how personally powerful they are, and how effective they can be in making their own lives
as well as the lives of those around them, better.

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