Good News Good Planet Schools

Helping Young People Improve
Their Perspective of the World and Their Place in It

GNGP-Schools offers an engaging and powerful curriculum
along with 2-minute audios of good news stories from around the world
to inspire kids to find solutions to issues that matter to them.

How To Participate

Within the provided curriculum, teachers have a wide selection of activities
for sixth to twelfth grade Language Arts and Social Studies.

  • The capstone of the program is a presentation of a final Service-Learning Project that students design and implement.
  • Completion of the program includes sharing student work with GNGP Schools.
  • This is a flexible program. We understand that the teachers’ time for planning and implementation is precious. We will work to align the program with your state’s already existing learning standards.
  • Time commitment is anywhere from two to three weeks to a full semester.
  • Teachers can choose to become Service-Learning Ambassadors and receive post-program monetary compensation of $595 from GNGP Schools for their extra participation.
  • There are two ways to get the program: 1. Ask your school director to purchase it. 2. Get on our list to be a grant recipient.
  • Reach out to us HERE to get more information.

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