Saving Bees

Asian Hornets are decimating honeybee populations in Europe and the U.S., where they have no natural predators.

After losing over 35 hives, French beekeeper Denis Jaffre’ designed a trap which captures the invasive species.

It attracts the insects with a sugary, baited funnel entrance.
The large hornets check in but can’t check out through the small holes that the bees and other insects use.

It’s been so successful that it won Jaffre’s a “French Inventors Prize” in 2018.

Originally built out of a wine crate and wire mesh, the trap is now manufactured via 3D printing… and he’s overwhelmed with orders.

While necessity is the mother of invention, it’s action on this invention that will save honeybees around the world.

And this is Mandy, from Good News Good Planet dot com.