Raptor Boy

At the tender age of ten, Joriden Ligoyligoy also known as Ren-Ren had a life changing encounter with a group of birdwatchers near his hometown of Sarangani in the southern Philippines.

They introduced him to the majestic Philippine eagle, one of the world’s largest raptors, and he’s been working hard to protect them ever since.

The birds migrate yearly across the southern Philippine islands, helping to eradicate pests like rats and bugs from crops.

Ren-Ren quickly learned how to track them with binoculars and joined “RaptorWatch Philippines”, a group dedicated to observing and protecting migrating raptors.

He shared his new passion with his friends and fellow villagers, urging them not to hunt or trap the eagles as they fly over, and he taught them how to conserve their local forests where the birds often roost.

Five years later in 2021, the now 15 year-old’s endeavors are making a big impact, earning him the name “The Raptor Boy of Sarangani”.

Saving the raptors has become a town affair. Ren-Ren has inspired educational caravans and raptor-watching events, as well as a
Raptor Festival, which draws ecotourism to the area.

Now, along with other essential raptors, the Philippine Eagles’
numbers have increased thanks to local conservation, tree replanting,
and the loving efforts of “The Raptor Boy of Sarangani”.