MindUp for Life

Since 2005, award-winning actress and activist Goldie Hawn, has been helping kids by teaching mindfulness.

Her foundation, MindUP, provides a neuroscience-based curriculum, focused on helping students manage stress and regulate their emotions.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to change brain chemistry, increasing optimism and reducing aggression. Teachers in eleven countries that use the program, report a 75% decrease in fighting and an 83% rise in happiness among students.

With stress levels sky-high during the COVID pandemic, the program was revamped, expanded and rebranded as “MindUP for Life”, and then offered to students and their families – completely free of charge.

It features 5-minute audio exercises that kids can do anytime and anywhere, teaching them how to take “brain breaks” to help them re-center.

“MindUp for Life” gives children the tools they need to be mentally fit and happy as children, so they can manage their lives as healthy adults.

Goldie has 4 main tips:

Meditate daily, Reconnect with nature, Dance every day and Get Ready for Bed without screens, one hour before.

This iconic actress teaches that it’s essential to live for now and to slow down and enjoy this ride because it’s the only one we’ve got.