Good News Good Planet Schools

Share your students’ work with us by sending an email to:

Include your name and the name of your school. You’ll be sent a link to a custom DropBox folder.

We welcome all images, text, and videos. We are especially interested in your final Service-Learning Project(s).

It’s up to you to be sure that any platforms used by the students are eligible for sharing.

Service-Learning Ambassador Program

This is a bonus program for educators who would like to join with GNGP Schools
to share their students’ work with world. We are creating a public website page to display the Service-Learning projects that your kids have designed and implemented.

GNGP Schools will pay you $595. for accurate participation in this extra post-program task. You must complete this part within 15 days of completing the SLPs.

For us to share the results publicly, you’ll need to get Model Releases from every student’s parent or guardian, whose child’s facial image is in view. Include a separate list of names of any persons visible in the media you submit.

If you want to participate in this bonus program, get the Model Release Forms signed by parents early-on in the curriculum and then, take lots of pictures!

*Every person in view in the submitted media must have a signed model release form or we cannot use the submission publicly.

*Contact to notify us of your participation and to get our specific Model Release Form. You’ll scan and upload the signed documents to your assigned DropBox folder.