Droning The Forest

Forests are essential for our Earth to be healthy and there’s no time to waste reforesting, as a rash of wildfires is only the latest threat to our woodlands, coupled with intentional human destruction via industry.

Using drone technology, the Seattle start-up, “DroneSeed” can restore forests up to six times faster than sending out work crews armed with shovels, which makes this process an economic game changer.

“DroneSeed” initially sends out camera drones to scout damaged areas to identify where trees are needed most.

Flight paths are then programmed, and the drones return to disperse the seed vessels, which include natural pest deterrents, fertilizing matter, and soil. Each drone can carry up to 57 pounds of seed. Once planted, “DroneSeed” monitors and protects what they’ve sown.

A fleet of drones can be airborne within 30 days after a forest fire, and can plant up to 40 acres of 80 to 200 different species of trees in just 24 hours.

“DroneSeed’s” mission is to help reduce the effects of climate change by increasing carbon sequestration through forestry.

They know that if the environment is not working, no social, political or economic system is working either.

So, this disruptive technology, is healing, not hurting our precious planet.