Community Fridges

Food insecurity is a problem around the world. In the United States alone, nearly 20 million people live in food deserts, areas without access to
nu­tri­tious foods. And more than 54 million have daily food uncertainty.

But there’s a growing movement to change that statistic through the power of generosity and Refrigerators.

Community Fridges is a food sharing initiative that began in Europe in the early 2000’s and has since jumped the pond to the U.S.

These colorfully painted coolers, offer fresh produce and home cooked meals to anyone who needs them – no questions asked.

The food is there for the taking, often along with bottled water, Evercanned goods, personal hygiene items, and even medical supplies.

Volunteers maintain and stock the fridges with donations from individuals and local businesses. Even large food chains like Trader Joe’s are donating.

Everyone deserves to eat.

And as the community fridges movement grows, it not only feeds those who are hungry, it feeds the communities at their core.

From the local artists who paint them to the members who maintain them and those who are served by them, we are reminded of just how much we are all in this together.