Bat Man Of Mexico

By the 1990s, bat populations in Mexico, were nearly decimated – hunted by a population who’d been taught to fear them.

Ecologist Rodrigo Medellin has dedicated his life to educate the masses and save these essential creatures.

Dubbed the Bat Man of Mexico, he and his team develop bat management and recovery programs.

Long-nose bats, in particular, are essential to Mexico’s tequila economy,
as they pollinate the blue agave plant.

Medellin’s team are successfully educating the population not to fear bats, but rather embrace them and their importance in nature.

Now, fields of agave and bats thrive, and in 2015, the long-nosed bat, was removed from the endangered species list.

Co-existing with bats is a win-win for farmers, the environment, and margaritas too.