A Better Beaches Bracelet

An Indonesian vacation to Bali in 2015, changed the lives of surfers Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze. It also changed the quality of oceans and beaches around the world.

Seeing the Bali beaches covered in plastic trash, haunted them so much, that
a year after their trip, they founded their company, 4Ocean, on a simple idea: sell bracelets and other recycled plastic products, to fund ocean cleanup efforts.
For every item sold, they’d remove one pound of trash from the ocean.

The concept got a tidal wave of support! By early 2021, 4Ocean had removed over 14 million pounds of trash and created hundreds of jobs.

While cleaning up the precious seas helps the planet, the company’s ultimate goal is to put itself out of business – by eliminating pollution at its source—the consumer. Education is key and their site is chock full of ways you and I can help.

They are working on raising global awareness through their products and holding “beach cleanup parties” in countries across the globe.
These events encourage local community members to lend a hand in the ocean plastic crisis, while learning about the different types of plastic collected.

4Ocean purchases boats and hires professional captains and crews to remove ocean debris, 7 days a week. They also install river boom systems that prevent inland plastic from ever reaching the ocean.

Taking their mission even further, the company is invested in a closed-loop product system – turning the plastic they collect into an expanded product line that includes reusables, like water bottles and shopping bags.

4Ocean’s cleanup efforts continue in Florida, Bali, and Haiti. New clean-up projects are starting in Central America. This award-winning B-Corp was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good, be successful and have the power to change the world.